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Welcome to the Racine Lawn Care Blog provided by CJS Lawn & Landscaping. Topics blogged about below include many lawn care tips and articles from our expert Racine landscapers including resources, specials, news and other updates from our team here at CJS Lawn & Landscaping.

3 Benefits Of Spring Lawn Aeration

Springtime is the perfect part of the year to start preparing your lawn for warmer weather. Maintaining lush, vibrant grass during the harsher summer months can be tough, but there are a few reliable ways you can make sure your grass is healthy, hardy, and ready for whatever the sun throws its way. One of…

Where To Place Landscape Lighting For The Biggest Impact by CJS Lawn & Landscaping

Landscape Lighting Racine WI

You probably already understand that landscape lighting is a necessary part of safety and security for your home and that it impacts the appearance of the property. It also affects how you feel about your Racine home, which may be why you’re searching for ways to make a difference in the appeal of your property…

3 Great Benefits You’ll Enjoy thanks to Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting in Racine

If you’re the type of homeowner who puts a lot of care into maintaining your lawn, then you might want to look into getting landscape lighting for your Racine area home. After all, landscape lighting offers a number of great benefits for you to enjoy. Want to know more about those benefits? That’s no problem:…

What You Should Know About Aeration

Aeration in Racine

If you aren’t familiar with aeration, researching its benefits will quickly make you aware of how it can improve the overall state of your Racine lawn. Lawn maintenance experts cite aeration as the primary solution for soil compaction, and hiring a landscaping company to aerate your yard is recommended to allow for the proper enrichment…

3 Landscaping Tips To Improve The Curb Appeal Of Your Home This Fall

Racine Landscaping Experts

With summer quickly coming to a close, most homeowners are performing the last few tasks needed to make sure their landscaping is ready to transition into the fall. While it is certainly a good idea to make sure that your landscaping is prepared for cooler months ahead, there is nothing that says you can’t undertake…

Lawn Maintenance Checklist For Spring

lawn maintenance

Lawn maintenance can make your turf strong, green, and healthy. To have a beautiful lawn, maintenance should always start at the soil. Generally speaking, there are certain lawn care tasks that should be done several times a year that improve the health of the soil. Just remember that your lawn has its own unique set…

When To Perform Mulching & Seasonal Cleanups In Racine, WI

Mulching and Seasonal Cleanups in Racine

This year’s Farmers’ Almanac predicts a mild winter for 2017-2018 in Wisconsin so there is still plenty of time to mulch and clean up your property before temperatures drop below freezing. In fact, the City of Racine Fall Leaf Collection Dates start on October 3rd*, so make sure to get rid of all the branches…

Understanding the Various Services That Create the Perfect Yard

Racine Lawn Maintenance

Just about any homeowner will tell you that one of the most important features of their home is the yard. Even the most beautiful of homes just doesn’t look the same if the yard is not in the state that it should be. So, one of the responsibilities that comes with being a Racine homeowner…

Racine Lawn Care Tips – Common Lawn Diseases You Don’t Want

Racine Lawn Care

When your Racine, Wisconsin lawn suffers from a disease, it is caused by issues that are under your control. Pest infestations and poor soil nutrition will make your lawn weak and more susceptible to lawn diseases that will quickly take over and kill it. Pests in addition to disease are never something you want for…

Lawn Maintenance Tips For Racine, WI

Racine Lawn Maintenance

A healthy, beautiful lawn doesn’t just happen naturally. It takes a lot of work and know-how. Sure it’s true that in nature, there are always going to be elements that work together to create beauty. But, landscaping around a home or business is not appealing if nature has take over. That’s why most of us…

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