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When To Perform Mulching & Seasonal Cleanups In Racine, WI

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Mulching and Seasonal Cleanups in Racine

This year’s Farmers’ Almanac predicts a mild winter for 2017-2018 in Wisconsin so there is still plenty of time to mulch and clean up your property before temperatures drop below freezing. In fact, the City of Racine Fall Leaf Collection Dates start on October 3rd*, so make sure to get rid of all the branches and yard waste soon.

But fall season isn’t the only time we have to clean up our yards or mulch the flower beds. If you are wondering when it’s best to do this type of yard work, our Racine landscapers at CJS Lawn & Landscaping would love to help you out with the following information.

Fall And Spring Are The Best Mulching Times

The flowerbeds, shrubbery, trees, and plants need to be properly mulched during fall and spring season in Racine. However, the mulch beds need to be taken care of regularly by replacing organic material as it breaks down and by pulling weeds when needed.

It is necessary to properly install mulch in order to deter weed growth and protect the moisture of the soil. The amount of mulch laid will determine how effective it is. Otherwise, your lawn can become infested with weeds and other undesirable plants. As a general rule of thumb, about 3 inches of mulch should be applied to a planting bed.

Mulch not only helps to keep weeds from growing but also helps the soil retain water so the plants and trees stay healthier.

Over time, and depending on what the mulch is made of, the materials will break down unless they’re not organic by nature. Any leftover organic mulch from the fall season can be tilled into the soil in spring for extra nutrients.

Seasonal Cleanups For Every Season

Dead leaves, acorns, dead tree branches and more clutter up your beautiful landscape quicker than anything else other than discarded trash. A seasonal cleanup will rid your property of all this unsightly waste, true, but it will also help to keep insect infestations away. Insects like termites, ants, beetles, and water bugs love yard debris. Keep it away from your home and dispose of it properly every season.

What Else Needs To Be Done During The Fall?

In addition to performing a seasonal cleanup where all the debris is removed, there are other certain things that should be done in fall to prepare the landscape for winter. Here are some basic seasonal lawn care tips:

For Healthy Turf

  • Apply fertilizer to strengthen the root systems
  • Apply broad-leaf weed control
  • Aerate the turf to allow roots to grow healthy
  • Over-seed if the turf needs thickening

For Healthy Plants

  • Prune shrubs & trim bushes
  • Plant certain species of trees & shrubs
  • Cut back perennial plants and ornamental grasses
  • Prune ornamental trees if they are dormant

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